Dannika Harris writes, Just imagine, as far as the eye can see, pumpkins everywhere.

Just imagine, as far as the eye can see, pumpkins everywhere. You think you are dreaming but it is true. My family and I went and visit the Rock Creek Farm near Louisville to pick out our own pumpkins. We first drove up and a great big sign says get your map, get your price list, and DON’T FORGET YOUR SHEARS. We followed the dirt road up and to the left there was hundreds of pumpkins and the same to the right. We passed by the Egyptian corn mazes with nearly 5 miles of paths and 3 mazes to wander through. My Mom said on the way out we will do the mazes. We are finally there, the perfect spot to pick our own pumpkins. We were so excited that we jump out of the truck right into a pile of mud. YUCK! We are out in a field with big pumpkins, little ones, funny ones, green ones and squished ones. It was very hard to find the perfect one, so my Mom said “get two”. After we all picked out our favorite ones, we ended up with 8 of them. WOW! That is a lot of pumpkin seeds to cook. After we loaded them up in the truck, it was time for the mazes. I never had so much fun getting lost before. The corn stalks were over 7 feet tall and you could not see your way out. It only took my brother and I 20 min. to go through it. On the way out to pay for the pumpkins, they had a petting zoo and a little maze for the young kids. We also got to take funny pictures with the cut out of people. So if you are looking for a great place to go get pumpkins and pick your own, check out Rock Creek Farms at 303-465-9565 or visit www.rockcreekfarm.com for times and info.