Ariel’s Beginning- – A Young but Catchy Movie


Isabelle Aboaf writes, When I recently got a package in the mail, I realized I’d received the movie Ariel’s Beginning from NextGen.

When I recently got a package in the mail, I realized I’d received the movie Ariel’s Beginning from NextGen. I quickly became excited and decided to review the movie, along with the bonus features also. So sit back, and relax, and please, enjoy the review. Ariel’s Beginning begins with Queen Athena and King Tritan. Their city which they rule over is called Atlantica, and it runs on the love of music, singing, and dancing. King Tritan has seven daughters, and each of their name begin with A, including Ariel (star). As the city people play, a pirate ship arrives. It crashes and kills the queen. King Tritan is heartbroken and therefore bans music and singing from his kingdom… Ariel’s quest is to restore happiness and music to the kingdom. With some help with her friends, including Flounder, an optimistic flounder, and Sebastian the bossy but funny lobster. Evil Ersela wishes to steal Sebastian’s place in the kingdom, and she will do anything to be famous. She does wrong and therefore the story is based on her. I don’t really wish to tell you everything, but about the bonus features and the character starring. This DVD is geared toward 3-8 aged children. It may seem a bit young to some kids in NextGen, but it appealed to me and I’m pretty sure it will apeal to you. There is a narrator, and he uses a low but unusualy catchy voice. The musical lyrics and music itself is great, and usesa variety of instruments. Bonus Features There are many bonus features, and here is a little backround schema on what’s going on in this area. The Deleted Scenes are original scenes that are after writing the entire movie, don’t appeal to the creators anymore. It’s interesting to substitue these scenes to the ones in the movie. The first scene to the creators was to warm and cute for Sebastian, they wanted us to see Sebastian the real lobster later on in the movie. Scene two that was deleated was when Ariel follows her friends to The Catfish Club, a secretive musical club underground. In the real movie, the trapdoors are musical, and in the deleted scene, the trapdoors use sea creature passwords. The Music and More bonus feature is great for anyone who loves karaoke. It has all the songs, Athena’s Song, Just One Mistake, I Remember, and I Will Sing. The words are shown on the bottom so you can sing along. The Games and Activities bonus feature is where you can explore all the mermaid sister’s vanities, find Flounder, and he will lead you to a secret world!!!!!!! Backstage Disney I think is a great scene. It shows SplashDance, A Dancer’s Adventures Under the Sea. In this, the producers and creators show coreography, and the movie coming to life showing you all the interesting things about putting a movie together. The Little Mermaid: Under the Sea and behind the Scenes on Disney Musicals is my favorite. It’s an actor’s look at the Disney musical, and each musical character shows their dressing room, costume, and what it’s like to be on stage. Ariel, Sebastian, Ersela, Flounder, and each of Ariel’s sisters can be found in this part. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you’re looking for a fantasy, romance, and heart-warming story, sit back and relax with Ariel’s Beginning. Though it’s geared toward young kids, anyone can think of this as magnificent. The animation is beautiful, so get read for the next Ariel DVD. Thanks for reading, and I hope you will enjoy Ariel’s Beginning. Look out for Ariel’s other movie, “The Little Mermaid”.Ariel’s Main CastJodi Benson- ArielSam Right- SebastianJim CummingsParker GorisKari Wahlgren