Save The Polar Bears and Watch The Naked Brothers


Christiana Holladay writes, The Naked Brothers Band movie Polar Bears is good because it has good scenes…

The Naked Brothers Band movie Polar Bears is good because it has good scenes, good actresses, and a great director and screenwriter. Polly Draper created, directed, and screenwrote the whole movie. Polly Draper is Nat Wolff and Alex Wolff’s mom and the wife of Michael Wolff. The stars of the movie are Nat Wolff, Alex Wolff, Thomas Batuello, Allie DiMeco, David Levi, Qaasim Middleton, Cooper Pillot, Jesse Draper, and Michael Wolff. These people are The Naked Brothers Band except MIchael Wolff, who plays the dad, Jesse Draper who plays the babysitter and dancer, and Cooper Pillot who is the manager. The Naked Brothers Band is a tween/teen band thathas a show onNickelodeon. The movie is about Alex Wolff watching the movie An Inconvenient Truth that tells him to help the environment and the polar bears. So he starts recycling paper, cans, and energy. Nat sees his close friends little Grace and big Ella. Big Ella is five and helps Alex save the polar bears by saving gas and trying to make the band’s bus run on horse poopy. At the beginning of the movie it has five things about why Nat Wolff is not perfect. One of those things is that he likes french fries. The biggest reason why Nat Wolff is not perfect is that he slurps his soup. So half of the time Nat Wolff tries to not slurp his soup for the big dinner Saturday night. I would recommend this DVD because it is a great DVD for ages 8-15. I also liked this movie because it is 69 minutes long which is not too long and not too short. This movie is not rated for the USA. The company is NIckelodeon, one of my favorite television channels. This DVD also has special features that include: music videos and some green tips from the band. One of the green tips was to start saving electricity and water by turning off the lights when you go out of your room and to turn off the water when you brush your teeth. I liked Polar Bears and think The Naked Brothers Band has a great movie and is a great band.


  1. Good job sounds fun!
    Good job sounds fun! My friend, who is READING OVER MY SHOULDER, says that she found her attentiveness wavering. STOP READING THIS LINZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I, however, thought the story was a delightful length. Don’t tell Linzi.

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