A Marvelous Movie


Melissa Riley writes, Although I have watched many movies, my favorite is Nim’s Island.

Although I have watched many movies, my favorite is Nim’s Island. First off, I think Nim is an outstanding character in this movie.She is brave by letting her dad leave her on the island alone and by climbingup and down the side of the volcano when it’s exploding. She is also loyal tothe island that belongs to her and her dad. I also love the creativity in herpersonality. The way the house is built and everything else she does is socreative because she doesn’t have a t.v. Another favorite character in themovie is Alexander Rober. I think she’s pretty funny by not going out side because she thinks she will get sick. In the end she ends up taking the trip to Nim to rescue her, which is very brave of Alexander. That’s also what makes hercaring. In addition to the characters the island is also terrific. Imagine whatit would be like to live on an island with about 100 different animals and yourdad and you, that’s what it’s like for Nim. Nim also has pets, but there notlike the dogs and cats we have, she has a lizard named Fred, a seagull, awalrus and much more creatures. Nim’s house is awesome too, it’s like 3 story,but built around and in trees! The most important scene in the movie is whereall the lizards are “flying”. She is trying to get rid of thetourists on the island. Nim does this by flinging 4 or 5 lizards and snakes incatapults to land on the party the tourists are having. Everyone else thinksthey are flying dinosaurs. This scene is really hilarious. All in all Nim’sIsland is an adventurous, fun movie to see.If you have small children, do not worry this movie is all age appropriate, but could also be scary at times.


  1. Good job!
    Good job! I think that you should have a better introduction to the movie. You launched right in to your description, but I personally have never seen the movie and was a little confused at the beginning.

  2. Nice job!
    Nice job! I have seen Nim’s Island, and I do agree that it is wonderful. Try checking your text. There’s some words that are “stuck together” and maybe it’s just the text editor you’re using? Great job anyway!

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