Edgar + Ellen


Bridget Galaty writes, BOO!

BOO!!! Did I scare you? The “Edgar & Ellen” TV series from Nickelodeon is a Halloween-themed cartoon based on the books by Charles Ogden. Recently released on DVD, theTV show is both humorous and spooky at the same time. The main characters are Edgar and Ellen, twin brother and sister. The twins live alone in a 13-story mansion with only a one-eyed furball named “Pet” to keep them company. These jokesters like to do pranks and play practical jokes on the townspeople of Nod’s Limbs.If you like the series of “Araminta Spooky” by Angie Sage or “Franny K. Stein” by Jim Benton, you may enjoy “Edgar & Ellen”. The website is www.edgarandellen.com.


  1. Hmmm.
    Hmmm. Sounds intruiging. I recommend that you describe the show a little better. What are the characters like? What are some good things about them? The bad things?

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