Guitar Hero World Tour Hits Stores


Jordan Adolph writes, As many of us slept this morning…

As many of us slept this morning,” backwater rockers”lined up outside gaming stores waiting for the new and improved Guitar Hero World Tour. Guitar Hero Series has sold more than 23 million games WORLDWIDE and collected 1.6 million dollars cash in sales. Confused? Some might be if you haven’t played or heard of the “rocking'” game of the year (in my view). The Guitar Hero Series is basically music, music, and more music! You play as an awesome bass player or guitarist touring your way to fame. You go from playing in your Mom’s garage to playing at a Huge Stadium for thousands of people, a sold-out concert! World Tour has a special ability likeno other. The game is compatible with Rock-Band Instruments(another game very similar to Guitar Hero). Like no-other game in the series GH: World Tour allows you to travel around the world, playing and witnessing different people, with different cultures. You travel with your “hot” band having the time of your life burying memories, that will never be forgotten, in the stages of which you perform. With this game you can whip out a Mic, Drums, and your choice of either Guitar or Bass. If you don’t want to purchase a Mic or Drums etc. your Rock-Band instruments are COMPATIBLE!!!!!! Awesome Huh?Many of the songs these musical series offer are Bon Jovi’s:”Wanted Dead or Alive”, and the popular Foo fighters: “Learn To Fly”. Whether your absorbed in a Guitar Solo or singing like there’s no tomorrow Guitar Hero World Tour is definitely a game worth checking-out! Game available in certain retail stores! My Source: www.msn.comGive this game a shot, ITS WORTH IT! J


  1. Cool now I really want to…
    Cool now I really want to buy it now! The drums look……..too easy. From James Kim XD

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