Rachel Faulkner writes, Since the beginning of time, children have been revolted by vegetables.

Since the beginning of time, children have been revolted by vegetables. And it is true, to some, they might not be the most appetizing thing. But for other, more mature people, vegetables are the most delicious food group. And, as the world is going greener, why wouldn’t a crazy-sounding salad store thrive? That was the philosophy behind the “Mad Greens: inspired eats” food chain. Mad Greens isa resturaunt, found all over Colorado, serving the wackiest salads around. All the salads are named after famous crazy people, and they are served in random mixing bowls. Among the menu is the Edgar Allen Poe salad, a delicious blend of the freshest lettuce, crisp apples, pears, blue cheese, and port vinigrette. Another favorite is the Da Vinci, with beans, baby leaves, onions, and roasted red peppers. The salads are all availible in small and large sizes of quite reasonable prices. You can also add grilled chicken or buffalo meat for a little extra. Not into salad? That’s totally ok. Another option Mad Greens offered is paninis. Warm and made on fresh bread, these offer the delicous taste you look for in a sandwhich with a healthy feeling to it. Mad Greens is growing bigger than ever. They can be found in Boulder, Cherry Creek, the Denver Art Museum, Downtown Denver, Fort Collins, Lakewood, the North Denver Tech Center, and the Park Meadows mall. If you’re in the mood for a crazy delicious salad, check ’em out. You won’t go home hungry.