Calling all Entrepreneurs


Rachel Faulkner writes, It takes a lot to find ambition.

It takes a lot to find ambition. Ambition is a rare thing, hard to achieve and difficult to hold for very long. But for the determined, ambition means ending no where to do something. For some gifted, artistic children, the success of reaching goals is coming just a little bit closer, by means of the Young Entrepreneurs Marketplace. What is this marketplace? The Young Entreprenuers Marketplace, led by the Young Americans Center for Financial Education, is a yearly gathering of children to get a taste for the business world and sell their products in the meantime. I talked to Vice President of the Young Americans Center C.J. Juleff. “The Young Entrepreneurs Marketplace is a unice opportunity for business owners ages 6-21 to promote good in the community,” she said. At the marketplace, you should find beaded jewelry, greeting cards, bath products, purses, homebaked goodies, artwork, silk scarves, knitted shawls, and more, all made by children and teenagers. Who can enter? Anyone who has something to sell! The only other requirement is that that person must be between the age 6-21, as previously mentioned. “We expect to have about 75 participents in our Cherry Creek location and about 45 in the Lakewood center,” said Ms. Juleff. They also prefer to have new recruits. To enter, one would simply have to fill out on online application. Said Ms. Juleff, “We have also mailed applications to previous participants.” In my final question, I asked what adviceMs. Juleff could offer to these Young Entrepreneurs. “Do what you love,” she encouraged. “Have a passion for service. It’s tough to be a business owner in touch economical times.” If you are interested in attending the events, you are free to come and take a look (but bring a pocket of change for the booths). There will be two locations: in Cherry Creek, the event will be held on December 6 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. You can visit the Young Entrepreneurs at the Young Americans Center – Denver , 3550 East First Ave., Denver, CO 80206. If you can’t make it to the Cherry Creek location, you still have another chance! On December 13 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. go to Young Americans Center – Belmar , 401 S. Pierce Street, Lakewood, CO 80226. Overall, it promises to be a fantastic, festive event. This is a great way to recognize the potential of the younger generation.