Outdoor Ed: WOW!


Jordan Adolph writes, This Monday through Wednesday our school took a trip to Estes Park…

This Monday through Wednesday our school took a trip to Estes Park, we stayed at a camp called Outdoor Education>>>Covenenant Heights. The camp offers classes to learn about Wilderness Survival and how to use things like maps and compasses. Some of the classes were: Water Ecology, Rocky Mountain Geology, Wilderness Survival, plus more. And we even did amazing activities like Zip-Lining, Night-Hikes (IN TOTAL DARKNESS), Team-Building activities, Rocky Mountain Natl. Park Hikes and more. At the camp, they have Lodges with bunk beds to sleep in. They sleep about 20 girls per room and have 5 bedrooms. There are also 2 bathrooms with showers included. There was a Large Meeting Room to hangout in and a small “kitchenette.” This camp also had mini-golf, ropes, volleyball courts, a dining hall, a friendship hall and more. There are lots of lodges including Winter (where West Ridge 6th Girls stayed) and Cedar where (out West Ridge 6th Grand boys stayed). But this camp is not cheap. Out school’s payment was 100.00 per student. But with a lot of hard work and fundraising they payment dropped to only 50.00. The meals are great, the lodging is perfect, and the cleanliness is especially nice. The staff will make you feel right at home. Your teachers don’t teach these classes…the camp staff does! It’s a nice break from the everyday Math and Reading subjects! I loved this camp and it was definitely worth going! Thanks Camp Teachers, Lunch Staff, and thanks to our teachers for taking this great opportunity! J


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