Move it, Move it 2 “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa”


Bailey Cross writes, Grade: A+Alex and the gang are back in an action packed adventure after 3 1/2 years in the making.

Grade: A+Alex and the gang are back in an action packed adventure after 3 1/2 years in the making. When the fun and games are over in Madagascar, Alex, Gloria, Marty, Melman and the penguins create a fool-proof plan to get back to the Big Apple. When, magically, their foolproof plan fails the gang finds themselves stranded in the middle of Africa. As everyone tries their best to find a way to get back to civilization, they each learn something about themselves and each other. “It was hilarious, even better than the first movie!” said Elizabeth Collazo, a mother of 3. “It was really funny. My favorite part was the whole movie!” said Austin Alexander, age 8. “Awesome! I almost started crying during the movie because Austin was laughing so hard.” said Kirsten Alexander, Austin’s mother. “We really wanted to tell a story about where Alex came from. Three months before the first Madagascar was in theaters we started working on the script to this movie. We fell in love with all of the characters and wanted to see what would happen when put in a new situation.” said Tom McGrath, the writer/director/ voice of Skipper, the lead penguin during an interview. “When we first pitched the idea to Dreamworks, there were German Princesses, hunters, and crazy creatures. Pitching a story is like being a cheerleader. You try to inspire people to believe in your movie, get up and make a fool of yourself when acting it out, and just having fun!” McGrath said. One would think that someone would be most like the character they play, but in this situation it is definitely not the case. When asked which character he most identified with in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Tom McGrath said, “I’m definitely not demanding like Skipper, the character I play. I think that I most resemble Alex. As a kid growing up I was always looking for validation from my parents. My father was trying to raise me in his own image and when I started out in the movie business, he told me that it would be too hard and that I wouldn’t be able to do it. Him saying that fueled me even more and eventually he supported me and my work.” If you’ve ever been interested in the movie business, Tom McGrath has some great advice for you. “Go get a real job!” he joked. “No, no. I mean, voicing characters is fun, easy and brings the story to life. Writing is challenging. You have to make sure that everything fits together perfectly and that no line is wasted. Animation is just like icing on the cake. It’s acting in it’s own right- you have to make it original and your own, not what’s already out there. Pursue it at a young age; you’ll know if it is or is not right for you. If you try and fail, it’s better than never trying in the first place. You just have to pick yourself up and start over. I fell flat on my face many times, but I would never have gotten to where I am today if I gave up. Madagascar 2 is a shining example of this.” he said. It looks like it’s unanimous. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa is funny, creative, surprising, inspiring, even better than the first, and best of all in theaters and IMAX November 7. So move it, move it to a theater near you!


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    Yay Bailey!!!! Rachel here. Love the review. One quick piece of advice – I would space the quotes you got from the viewers farther apart. Great job!

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