Rocky Mountain National Park Through a Kids Eyes


Kyler McCleland writes, Just recently my family went to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Just recently my family went to Rocky Mountain National Park. It was beautiful. There was wildlife, snow and mountains of beauty. It was so awesome I had to write about it. If you think that a National Park is just a place with trees and animals. Well you’re so wrong. There are trees and animals but it is way more beautiful than that. It has snow and the most beautiful things when you look at it. It has big animals like elk and deer. It has small animals that if you blink or rush you’ll never see. It has lakes and mountains with the brightest of blue even on the gloomiest days. The chipmunks are friendly and you can feed them. The best part is that a few miles out is Estes Park. In Estes Park they have hundreds of shops, horse rides, tours, and great scenery. You can shop and feel the great outdoors at the same time. There are so many things that make you feel free. If you like to ride horses then they give trail rides and other great stuff for you. So if you feel adventurous or just need some beauty, you can always go to Estes Park or Rocky Mountain National Park.


  1. Kyler…
    Kyler,I love this story and how a young person views nature and its overall beauty. Sometimes I think our youth just look at nature and doesn’t see what it really is about. Keep writing stories like this and enjoy what our country has to offer.

  2. Whenever my family and I …
    Whenever my family and I go to Estas Park, we always pay a little visit to Rocky Mountain National Park!

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