Disney’s “Bolt” lights up screens


Mariah Le Beau writes, An interview with Collin Larkins…

An interview with Collin Larkins, Production Manager, “Bolt” (a new Disney movie that opened in theaters on November 21)Disney’s new movie “Bolt” is about a superhero dog who goes on a mission to find his “person” Penny. It’s just hilarious, and the plot is creative and unexpected.Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in the movie business? Well, I had the great opportunity to talk to Collin Larkins, the Production Department Manager for the soon to be released movie, Bolt. You may be wondering what a Production Department Manager is… I didn’t know. It’s a great job – your responsibility is to go around helping out all who are involved in the movie, including art production, shot production and effects. Your job is to focus on helping them to get their job done. How do you land a job as a production manager? In Collin Larkin’s case, he was involved in theatre when he was in high school. He had jobs such as Stage Manager. Then, he majored in arts and theatre in college. He studied communications, and then he went to Disney!!If you’re wondering whether he was able to work with some of the voice talent (Miley Cyrus and John Travolta, for example), he did not. “A lot of people think we do, but we don’t,” Mr. Larkins said. He continued, “but I did work with Randy Savage from the World Wrestling Federation.” Mr. Larkins then described that all of his work on “Bolt” took about 18 months, which is the length of time that “Bolt” was in production.. He spent a year working on art, and the remainder of his time (6 months) was spent on effects. And, he is still working on advertising and some final editing as you read this.Collin loves this job. “Cool,” Collin says, “I mean, it’s Disney. It’s pretty fun. It’s fun because you see your name in theatres, and just making the movie is really fun. But, it’s not all roses around here. There are some rough times, but I’m working with a great group of people.” Larkins works with 100 to 200 people each day.”To quote Rhino (a character in the movie), this movie is fully awesome”, Mr. Larkins said. He fell in love with the characters right away. Larkins has also worked on “Chicken Little” and “Meet the Robinsons.” But, when discussing “Bolt”, he said,”this is a kind of special movie.” He is more proud of “Bolt” than any movie that he has done. I can see why. Collin Larkins grew up in Littleton, CO. He attended Ben Franklin Elementary, before his parents moved to the “middle of nowhere” in Castle Rock. He went to Regis High School, and then attended college out of state.I would recommend this G-rated movie to everyone. I plan to see it again.


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    Hi! Your interview with Collin Larkens sounds pretty interesting. I just saw Bolt a few days ago, and it was great. At first it didn’t sound appealing, but I was wrong. It was awesome! Great job.

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