Blue Lipstick


Lena N-M writes, Blue Lipstick.

Blue Lipstick….. this is one fast, pleasant read. Although it looks like a story book, it is actually just concrete poems. It doesn’t take much time, patience, or energy to read and understand it, so it is great when you are in rush or not feeling well. Blue Lipstick is quite the ride. I liked how everything was colorful and big, so I was never bored or impatient. I didn’t like how you had to turn the book to read a lot of it, and it was very easy to miss a line of words. The book was told by a teenagers perspective, and it addressed some mature issues, not appropiate for younger kids. The best person to read this book is probably an 11 year old girl, because boys would not enjoy the book. The book is exceptionally well written. You get a strong grasp of the characters, which is hard to find when it comes to poetry. The main character, Jessie, changes slightly throughout the book, and it is fun to compare to how she was at the beginning, to how she is at the end. To sum it all up, I defenitely reccomend this book. It is one of those books you can open again and again, and not get bored with it. So next time you are searching for something to read, pick up Blue Lipstick.


  1. you are an amazing writer.
    you are an amazing writer. I realy wanna go get this book, NOW! very well-written…

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