Twilight: AHHHHH!!!!


Jordan Walker-Cardos writes, Twilight is here! On November 21st at, 7P.

Twilight is here! On November 21st at, 7P.m, my friends and i went down to our local movie theatres and had the best day of our lives! We had three rows of the theatre filled with people we know from school, that worship the same thing that i do: TWILIGHT SAGA! The movie has finally came out and it was a blast! The movie, Two thumbs up! The actors, My goodness! I would need a cup under my chin after all of that drooling! Robert Pattinson, portrays “The Perfect Man” Edward Cullen precisely! I love how Kristen Stewart, played Bella’s Character. In my opinion she was a little too dramatic, but the movie was still a hit. If you haven’t heard about “Twilight” than you must be a definate hermit. I was a fan from the beginning and its great to see Stephenie Meyer’s tale become a phenomenon! The basic Story line of Twilight is; Isabella (Bella) Swan moves in with her Father (Charlie) After her mother Remarries and decides to go on the road with her new husband, Phil. She lives with her dad in a small town in Washington named Forks, when she meets Edward Cullen, her hate for the new town turns into lust because of this wonderful guy. He is the perfect guy. Gorgeous, muscular wonderful coal black…wait…gold eyes? Thats when Bella discovers something is not normal about the Cullens, when Edwards eyes suddenly change colors after days of seeing him. When Bella does find out his secret it is one that she never really wanted to hear: Edward was a Vampire. Now, in this race for her life, not from Edward, From the evil tracker James, she realizes that if her life was all she could give for the one she loves, how could she not give it? i give this spectacular movie, and of course book, two thumbs up, and 5 stars! ~Jordan.