Sports and Photojournalism Seminar


Dannika Harris writes, On November 25th…

On November 25th, I had the honor of going to the Sports Journalism and Photojournalism Seminar at the Denver Newspaper Agency. I got there at 5:00 pm, so I could have my sports pictures critiqued by ASMP, The Denver Post, and Rocky Mountain News Photography Deptartment. I met a nice man by the name of Sergio Ballivian, who lives and works out of Boulder, Colorado, to help me understand how to take better pictures. Mr. Ballivian suggested that I should first get to know the place or person I am taking the picture of. Next photograph what I like and learn what you don’t like. Last DON’T BREATH and have the camera as still as possible. I asked Sergio Ballivian what is his most favorite thing to take pictures of and he said ” The landscape”. He also said he loves the outdoors and all the different colors of winter. The first guest speaker was Vic Lombardi, the sports anchor for Channel 4. He knew as a kid he was going to be a sports anchor and worked very hard to achieve it. One of the people who inspired him was Ron Zapollo. When asked what is the most challenging part of your job, he said jokingly, trying to match my clothes since I am color blind, but seriously, it’s all the traveling and being away from family. Next , was a photojournalist by the name of John Moore. Mr. Moore took the pictures of the assassination of Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto and told the story of what it was like to be near her the day it happend. Last was Helen Richardson, a photographer for the Denver Post. She had some great pictures of the Beijing Olympic Games. WOW! I never saw such amazing color in a picture. She had some behind the scenes photos of how many other photographers were there covering the events. ( It looked like over 100 of them.) She stated there was very little sleep and so much smog. I would like to thank Denver Newspaper Agency for hosting the workshop and having such great guest speakers and Sergio Ballivian for the advise. To see some of Sergio Ballivian photography visit