Reaching For The Sky With Mile High Karate


Dannika Harris writes, Just imagine, a gold trophy over 5 feet high.

Just imagine, a gold trophy over 5 feet high. The pressure was on for the Lakewood Mile High Demo Team. My brother Tommy and I are part of a team that competes, teaches, and puts on shows for other schools. We show off our karate skills and weapon training. On December 13th, we took the gold. ( WOW ! Did it feel great) A five foot trophy and the respect of the others at all the Mile High Karate schools. Let me tell you a little more about my Demo team. First, we practice around two hours together as a group once a week and by ourselves every night at home. This is in addition to the two classes a week and sparring we must do for our regular karate classes. Next, you must be able to get along with others. It is very easy to do because we have a great group of people that love to have a great time, but get the work done. All of us on the Demo team have training in weapons like, Bo-Staff, Kama’s, Nunchaka’s, and Escrima sticks. We also have one student ( Chris ) who knows triple Nunchaka’s. Other students on the team get together and come up with some awesome floor forms. Last, to have a number one Demo Team, you must have a great coach. Mr Wren is the man. Like he always says ” There is a method to my madness.” After reciving the first place trophy for Demo Team, we had our individual competition. My group had to choose a level two form to preform in front of three judges. I did Yul-Guk, a form with lots of power and strong foot stances. You have to get the form done exactly right or the judges will mark off points. I got 2nd , the best I have ever done. ( YEA ME ) Karate in not all about first place or trophys, it’s about leadership, self esteem, good friends, and a good physical workout. You have to be committed to YOU, YOUR INSTRUCTORS, AND YOUR TEAM to make karate work. I would like to thank Mile High karate, Master Lewis, and Mr. Wren for all the hard work and dedication thay have shown to all the students. For more info about a great sport, check out Mile High Karate at or stop by and check us out.