Marley and Me


Rachel Swanson writes, Marley and Me is more than just your average dog movie.

Marley and Me is more than just your average dog movie. The movie follows John and Jenny Grogan from the time they are first married through the start of their family. John Grogan is played by Owen Wilson who might be familiar as the voice of Lightning McQueen in Cars. He was also in Night at the Museum. Owen Wilson does a good job as John Grogan. Owen Wilson is funny and compassionate. John Grogan’s wife, Jenny, is played by Jennifer Anniston. Her role is less exciting but she does a good job as a supporting and caring wife. The plot is simple and easy to follow. John and Jenny move from cold and wintry Michigan to warm and sunny Florida to start their careers and lives together. They get jobs at competing newspapers, buy a house, and start to settle down. Thinking that they are not yet ready for a family, John decides to give his wife a puppy. Marley enters their lives as only a puppy can; full of energy, enthusiasm, and love. Marley chews everything, including dry wall. He flunks obedience school. The director of the obedience school is played by Kathleen Turner in a very funny role. Yet through all the trouble Marley causes, and after several years, John and Jenny start their family. The movie follows John and Jenny through sleepless nights, through job changes, and through life as a new and changing family. John’s boss, wonderfully played by Alan Arkin, helps guide John through his career and his marriage. John’s best friend in the movie, Sebastian, provides a contrast to John’s stable family life. Sebastian, played by Eric Dane (from Grey’s Anatomy), follows the life of the single, good looking reporter who follows the opposite path from John, travelling, dating different girls, and never settling down. I thought the movie was good. There were lots of cute scenes of Marley (who is played by at least 18 different dogs) running along the beach, running through parks, and playing with kids. I would not recommend the movie for young kids as the main plot of meeting and starting a family probably would not appeal to younger audiences. I would have liked to seen more focus on Marley and less on John and Jenny’s lives. The movie tries to appeal to lots of different audiences and so loses some of what would attract kids to the movie. I would recommend this movie as a good family movie.


  1. good review.
    good review…I will definitely go see this movie now and awesome job on recommending what kind of audience would be suitable for this film. I only have one question/suggestion what is this movie rated? PG-13? PG? ?

  2. i cried when i read the b…
    i cried when i read the book; so i don’t think i am going to see the movie. great story!?

  3. I loved your review it ga…
    I loved your review it gave a lot of detail. I didn’t like the movie it was to long.

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