Bedtime Stories


Caroline Till writes, What if you told a story, and the next day it came true?

What if you told a story, and the next day it came true? In Disney’s newest family comedy, Bedtime Stories, Skeeter Bronson’s life changes when the bedtime stories he tell his niece and nephew come to life.”So the kids control the stories,” says Skeeter, (Adam Sandler). It’s true! The unexpected contributions that Patrick, his nephew, and Bobby, his niece, throw in is what really turns his life upside down.This comedy is packed with tons of action, drama, and romance as Skeeter deals with these crazy twists and turns. In order to get the full effect of this movie, I would recommend reading a bedtime story beforehand. That is exactly what happened at the premiere. Natalie Allen, a channel two news reporter, read Goodnight Moon to the children there.”I absolutely adore kids,” Natalie said. About twenty excited kids piled at the front of the theater anxious to hear Goodnight Moon.”I think the movie plot is extremely clever,” states Maureen Till, mother of four, “It’s a good movie for kids of all ages.”Bedtime Stories really is an entertaining film for children and adults of all ages. I loved it and would rate it using five stars or two thumbs up. Be sure to buy your tickets today because Bedtime Stories is coming true Christmas day.


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