Meet Oreo and Silver


James Kim writes, Meet Oreo and Silver, a special part of our family.

Meet Oreo and Silver, a special part of our family. We known Oreo and Silver for quite some time now. We obtained these Martise/Poodle puppies when they were just born. This was a sad event because my friend, Hasiel, moved back to Mexico and before they left, their two dogs, gave birth to 3 heathy puppies and didn’t know what to do with them. Our family was happy to get all three of the puppies but my mom would only accept 2 in our household. This depressed me because the 2 puppies we were getting left their mother at such a early age. When we went out the front door, the mother of these 2 beautuful puppies we obtained was yelping to get her daughters back. But now, Oreo and Silver are having a great and excellent time at our home. But sometimes I get a little annoyed when my dogs “do their duty” in my room and when they start biting on my pillows till all the feathers of the pillows come out. But, all in all, my family and I love and adore them.


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