John McCain as You Have Never Seen Him Before


Bailey Cross writes, Whether you know him as a senator from Arizona…

Whether you know him as a senator from Arizona, the former 2009 Republican Presidential nominee, or the infamous “maverick”, I can promise you that you will not see this side of John McCain anywhere else.”My Dad, John McCain” by Meghan McCain offers great love and insight to the life of John McCain through his daughter’s eyes. This 32 page biography picture book lays out for children a watered-down, age-appropriate record of John McCain’s life, from birth, to marriage, to becoming the Republican Presidential nominee. “I believe that kids will, first of all, be captivated by this book because it is a great adventure story. I also hope that they are inspired by my father’s service and sacrifice to his country. It is an incredibly patriotic story, and it has always been an inspiration to me. I hope that kids will also take away the message of the importance of service to others and to country, whether it be in the military, elected office, or getting involved in your community.” Meghan McCain said. “My Dad, John McCain” is recommended for children ages 4 to 9. One percent of all profits from this book will be donated to the Intrepid Fallen Hero’s Fund.


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