Would you kiss this?


Dannika Harris writes, Whats brown and white and drooles all over? NO it isn’t my brother.

Whats brown and white and drooles all over? NO it isn’t my brother. It’s the Great Hommer Simpsom, AKA my Saint Bernard. We got Hommer when he was 12 weeks old and only weighed 20 lbs. Now he is 4 years old and weighs 170 lbs. WOW,the dog can eat! My friends ask how come we named him Hommer. Well, have you ever watched the Simpsons T.V. show? Anytime Hommer (DAD) sees food, he drools. Now just imagine that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and thats my dog. You wouldn’t think he is a lap dog but he thinks he is, at least he tries to be. If you would like to see something funny, watch us walk him or the dog walk me. So if you have a big backyard ( A MUST ), a big bed ,a great big heart, and don’t mind the drool, think about a Saint Bernard as a pet. If you are looking for smaller pets, I got two of them also. Let me introduce you to Annie and Pumpkin. Annie is a Mini Dauble Dachshund that looks like a baby deer and she is a lap dog. Pumpkin is a hairy yellow dog that my Great Grandma left us when she passed away last April. The two small dogs are best friends and are inseperable. It’s nice to have something here of my Great Grandma every day ( I miss her very much). Something very funny about Annie and Pumpkin is they can de-squeek a dog toy in less than 1 Minute. The best thing about all of our dogs is they all get along and love us very much. It would be quiet without them. I would like to thank my dogs for trying to stay still so I could take their pictures. HA HA HA!