Flipping Out


Dannika Harris writes, You jump.

You jump. I jump. We all jump at Jump Street. Have you ever thought of how much fun it would be to jump on the walls, well at Jump Street you can do that. This past weekend, one of my dreams came true. When you first walk in, you see two giant cages filled with trampolines. The first one has trampolines as far as the eye can see. It took me a second to see there was also trampolines on the walls. The next caged area had a huge dodge ball court. Wow you could throw a ball at your brother, not get in trouble, and have your team say “GOOD JOB”. What more could you ask for? ( Just Kidding) There was a smaller court, but it was closed to the public. For the 7 and younger crowd, there is a inflatable court and play house. I talked my uncle into showing me how to do a flip. The first flip was awesome, but he got up very very slow after the second one. Now I know what a rug burn looks like. He said ” I’m to old for this.” I just laughed and drug him over to the dodge ball court. This was my favorite court because you can dodge the ball, bounce off the walls, and never get hurt. Some of the older kids would do flips as they threw the ball at you. Maybe next time, I will be brave enough to try it. If you are looking for a fun time for the whole family and your friends, check out www.jump-street.com for times and prices or call 303-426-5867. Also, kids tell your parents it will wear you out.