A Kid’s Take on the State of the State


Jill Armstrong writes, Three top NextGen reporters attended Gov.

Three top NextGen reporters attended Gov. Bill Ritter’s annual State of the State address on January 8 at the State Capitol building. Here are there thoughts about what he said:Jordan Adolph, 11, Thornton I believe governor Ritter addressed important things in his speech, like education and our economy, because not only is this important to him and the house but people of our nation. For example, he talked about job losses and how Obama will help change that for all the families out there suffering from job losses.I also think Governor Ritter was very specific as to what his plan was to help and change our state’s issues. For example part of his plan was to create a program in which high school students can earn college credits while they are completing high school. Governor Ritter also talked about sustainability and how homeowners have options to choose the tile and flooring, etc. in their homes and they should have the same options when it comes to paying the bills and keeping their home.Governor talked about a very important topic to most people, Health Care. Governor Ritter’s plan is this year, to get over 100,000 Colorado inhabitants off the title of “uninsured”. Ritter also mentioned that “Fortunately, President-elect Obama has made health-care reform a priority.” I have faith that governor Ritter will stick to his plan and will exceed his goal of getting 100,000 people insured.. Governor Ritter also talked about a fear of most American’s with homes: foreclosure. Gov. Ritter also mentioned, “The federal government recently approved our $34 million Neighborhood Stabilization proposal to help communities and families recover from foreclosure.” I think that it is important that we keep making these steps to make an impact and end this economic crisis. Bailey Cross, 13, Westminster Governor Bill Ritter has achieved some amazing feats for Colorado since being elected as governor in 2006, and from the looks of his goals for 2009, there’s no stopping him. As a student, I’m comforted knowing that Governor Ritter is doing his best to ensure a good education for me and fellow students. He seems confident in the process and procedure of making Colorado “green”, modern, and efficient. His administration is doing it’s best to show all tax payers (like your parents) exactly what their hard-earned tax dollars are being spent on by posting the state’s checkbook online. I feel honored and excited to know that as I sit watching the State of the State Address, history is being made and Colorado is growing stronger, safer, and becoming a better place to live. Chase Hoven, 12, LittletonI thought that this was a great expierence. To let kids go and hear the governor of Colorado make his most important speech of the year is a great idea, and I can’t wait to do something identical to this some other time. With important issues concerning schools and libraries, it is important that kids know what is going on around them. It is also important for kids to know about the future and what lies ahead as well, because what happens today will affect the world tomorrow and the future of our state. Overall, this was a fantastic expierence and it will be one of my favorite memories of all time. Here’s some quotes that they chose to share with you from Gov. Ritter’s speech: “Families and businesses throughout Colorado are facing challenges they haven’t seen in generations. Just like every family in Colorado, we’ll need to make tough choices here in the Capitol as well. “Despite our challenges, Colorado’s economy is still in better shape than many other states.”This session, we must do everything we can to help those who are struggling, to keep Coloradans in their jobs and to keep families in their homes.”We have, together, Democrats and Republicans, made our state stronger.”Too few Colorado kids are graduating from college, and for the past 10 years, we’ve made virtually no measurable improvements in student learning. We should give every child the chance to walk through the same doors of opportunity that you and I walked through. “Over the past two years, I’ve seen the promise of Colorado in every corner of our great state: in classrooms, in research labs, in rural and urban Colorado alike. I’ve been all across this vast state because every place and every person in Colorado matters.”The people of Colorado will come together and overcome this economic crisis. And like the Windsor High School marching band, which will represent Colorado at President-elect Obama’s inaugural parade, our state will march ahead,”