My Name is Pet Lover


Felicia Pichulo writes, Some pets are naughty and some pets are nice, but my pets are the best pets ever!

Some pets are naughty and some pets are nice, but my pets are the best pets ever! I have 3 pets all with different personalities and one of them is just plain evil, Star my kitten. Star is a 6 month old gray ball of fury! She may have cute yellow eyes, but inside them is fire! She gets in a lot of trouble all the time. She pretends to jump up on you and lick your face, but she actually wants to bite your ears. She gets in the fire place all the time by crawling up a tube and then reaches out the grate and waves her paw. Her favorite thing to do is to attack people, especially my mom who is allergic. She also loves to bully my old cat, Noelle. Even though she may be a lot of naughty, she’s a lot of nice, too. She curls up with me at night and loves to chase laser pointers. Star never stops purring and LOVES my dog, Sabra. They’ve been best friends since we brought Star home as a tiny kitten. Noelle is my other cat and is 11 years old. We rescued her from a shelter on March 21st, 2002. Noelle is very loyal and affectionate. She communicates with me by using different “meows” and running back and forth. Noelle is just like my guardian, sleeping on my head no matter where I sleep. If I’m at a sleepover she cries all night and searches the house for me. She also always seems to know just when I need her and is always there for me. Noelle really doesn’t like Star much since Star hogs the food and “attacks” her all the time. Last but not least is my Golden Retriever, Sabra. She is always found guilty of making mistakes in the house but is so cute it’s hard to punish her. She also loves to tear up the special stuff my parents put on the ground to stop grass from growing in the rock area of the yard. Not good. On the other hand, she absolutely loves Star just like she is her own baby. She let’s Star climb on her, bite her, and clean her. She loves to be around people and other dogs all the time and never chews our toys.Regardless of the mood I’m in, Sabra can always make me smile. I am a true pet lover and love all animals big or small, but my favorites will always be my beloved pets: Star, Noelle, and Sabra.