Kissed By An Angel


Jordan Adolph writes, Ever feel like you’re lost in an amazing book? I sure did when I read Kissed By An Angel by Elizabeth Chandler.

Ever feel like you’re lost in an amazing book? I sure did when I read Kissed By An Angel by Elizabeth Chandler. This book was amazing, the series continues to thrill me with every book. In this book you follow the mysterious tale of the relationship between Ivy and Tristan. Total opposites, that come together with something one hates and the other cherishes, water. Ivy afraid, and Tristan in love. “The book is a romantic tale that will make you laugh and cry” -Review. It starts off romantic and then turns intoa mysterious murder mystery. After TRistan’s death, Ivy loses her faith in angels. With Ivy’s younger brother Phillip keeping his faith strong he slowly tries to convince Ivy he see’s Tristan frequently. A light glow. This book is great, I honestly couldn’t put it down. Every book in the series continues to wow me. Only half way thorugh the second book, I am still in shock with all the events happening. The 1st book is Kissed By An Angel, the 2nd book is The Power Of Love, and the 3rd book is Soulmates. I would definitely recommend the 1st book and the 2nd book, I have yet to read the 3rd one yet! But I’m sure it will be just as good as the other 2! I give these 2books 5/5 stars! But since it’s a romantic novel, and kind of violent in a way, I would recommend this book for ages 11-12 and up. Note: I purchased one book with all the books of the series included. I would definitely do this, because the 1st book leaves you in utter shock and wanting more. And thelast sentence of the 1st book is practically the same as the 1st sentence of the second book! So the 1st book leads right in to the 2nd! Enjoy, J


  1. Sounds beautiful!
    Sounds beautiful! I totally *heart* the cover. Except I’m not quite sure what the book is actually about… you give some loose themes, I know very little about the plot line. Maybe add some details about characters, and a little more about plot? Other than that, great word choice and fantastic review!

  2. It sounds like a great book…
    It sounds like a great book, but your review was a little weak. You used “dead” words frequently, and repeated yourself a lot. You also had a few mistakes (periods, spacing, etc.) You also might want to elaborate on the actual events/plot of the book, it was a little unclear.

  3. Sounds interesting…
    Sounds interesting, but there’s a few things you should change. First of all, you should spell out all of the numbers so it looks more put together. Also, you might not want to sign your reviews or stories. If you ever look at anything published, it’s almost NEVER signed. Otherwise, keep up the good work!

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