Seek out “Seekers: The Quest Begins”


Chase Hoven writes, Erin Hunter has returned with another fantastic series that will thrill all ages.

Erin Hunter has returned with another fantastic series that will thrill all ages. Instead of using cats like in Hunter’s previous series, “Warriors”, the talented author decided to choose bears, a subject that was sure to be popular among children. And she was right. “Seekers: The Quest Begins” immediately flew to the top of the New York Times’ most popular books section. And that wasn’t a mistake. The book was addictive in a way; once I got started, I couldn’t put it down! There was thrill on every page, always a new discovery, always something you couldn’t miss. I was greatly impressed. The book focuses around 3 bears found around a wide region of Canada. Kallik, Toklo and Lusa are bears from different species who always seem on verge of new discoveries. Each has different personalities, but are longing for the freedom of the open Canadian region. They find a way to depart from their families to begin a perilous journey that will bring many unexpected twists and turns. Even though each of them are separated by thousands of miles across Canada, all three bears finally meet up to begin on a quest across the country. Along the way, they meet a shape-shifting bear, who will affect each of the bears’ lives personally and in a different way. Though they believe this strange bear unites all three of them, the bears set out to find what destiny has called them for. Along the way, they will have to face challenges and difficulties to overcome the problems that lie ahead, but that won’t stop the bears. In fact, nothing will! “Seekers: The Quest Begins” is one of the best books I have ever read. My eyes were glued to the page, and I couldn’t pull them apart. The surprises, challenges and the sensation of such a fabulous book make me only more eager to read the next book in the series, “Great Bear Lake”. Anyway, I highly recommend it for ages, as each person who reads it will be flung away into the pages of a memorable journey of bears and friendship.


  1. Great job.
    Great job. You have a wonderful way of telling the story without giving the ending! Great vocabulary when you said things like, “my eyes were practically glued to the page”. Try to give a little more length to your story, and perhaps some descriptions.

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