Gem Market, A Mysterious Jewel!


Christiana Holladay writes, Also by: Madie…

Also by: Madie, Talie, Alex,Tyler and Dillon Summertime in Brazil is hot, humid, and busy, especially in a Brazilian Jewelry Market. Looking around, I see sparkly gems everywhere! The crowds of people don’t see me because I am so small. On this particular day, my time at the jewelry market was one I will never forget. I hear my loving grandma (the cashier of the family jewelry gem market for the last 50 years) scream. I run with my small little legs to see what happened. The minute I saw her face I knew right away the gem was stolen. I see a donut in the corner of my eye, I run to go get it but my grandma stops me and tells me to give it to her. My grandma took the delicious donut away from me and I thought this could be evidence. Later that night I know I had to find the gem myself because no one else would. My grandma is sitting in her room crying because she was about to sell the gem and get the employee of the month award. I went back home to get a journal and write down all the clues I have found. After I write down all of the clues, I ride my bike down to the store and call the cops! In two minutes I see flashing lights. I see my grandma talking to the cops with a nervous look on her face. The cops find my grandpa’s footprint in the mud, but that for sure wasn’t him! The next day I am going to find the robber I told myself. I ride my bike to the Egg & I, where I always think. While I am leaving I overhear two people say, “Did you hear my uncle robbed that jewelry market just down the road and got away. I feel like I should tell the police but I can’t because he is my uncle.” In the end everyone is happy except the robber, he has to be in jail for three long years so, just think if you want to rob a store don’t tell your nephew because someone will overhear and you will be in jail for three years just like that robber that tried to make my family mad.


  1. A little confusing – doughnut?
    A little confusing – doughnut? Egg & I? Please clarify! Also, check grammar and spelling. It sounds like your on to a great story idea! Just revise it a little more carefully and it will be fantastic!

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