Barack Obama’s Dashed into Office~ What now?


Isabelle Aboaf writes, After Barack Obama’s successful inauguration into the white house…

After Barack Obama’s successful inauguration into the white house, he and his family of four- Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Malia Obama, and Sasha Obama- became what is now our first family. After watching the inauguration in school and back at home (we recorded it on our television), we were shocked that our very own president was now an important part of history, a “landmark” never to be forgotten. The United States of America has never done this before, and now with the help of a new president, we are hoping many things will recover- things like the economy, greenhouse gasses, business, and education. We are involved right now in two major wars. The one between the Gaza Strip, Hamas, and Israel, and the one in Iraq and Afghanistan. Both are defeating our country in personal ways and other countries have thought we were very stupid to put in so much effort into things that could hurt other countries and ourselves. Create better schools, recovering our economy. All these are things America wants to fix.Barack Obama and his family is getting used to some new changes- things like Sasha and Malia’s new puppy, their gigantic house, and their busy working husband and dad. Sasha and Malia go to a new school. Michelle Obama is our new first lady. Let’s hope these next four years will be a successful part of history.