Pajama Party


Dannika Harris writes, We have all had pajama day at school and most of us have stayed in our PJ’s on weekends…

We have all had pajama day at school and most of us have stayed in our PJ’s on weekends, but have you ever went to a nice restaurant in your pajamas? At Texas Roadhouse, it was a pajama party. On February 23rd, Texas Roadhouse in Littleton hosted the Pajama Program. You might ask what is the Pajama Program? Well, they provide warm pajamas and books to needy children. My brother and I donated 10 new book and in return Texas Roadhouse gave us a free appitizer. And if you wore your PJ’s, you got a free kids meal. WOW!!! In addition to the great food and wonderful cause, there was face painting, balloon art, and lots of kids games. My favorite game was see who could eat the mashed potatoes the fastest without using your hands. I didn’t win, but my family was laughing the whole time. My brothers favorite part was eating all the peanuts and throwing the shells on the floor. It was very funny to see all the staff wearing their PJ’s too. It was nice to see all the families getting together and having a wonderful time. I would like to thank Texas Roadhouse for the great food, exciting atmosphere, and helping out with the Pajama Program. For more info about the PJ Program go to . Parents, remember kids eat free on Monday. Check out your local Texas Roadhouse for times and info.


  1. Now that’s cool!
    Now that’s cool! I might see if I’ll go there… just try adding a little more detail about maybe the donations and activities. (even though you’ve already got some!)!!!

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