Kids Rule and Parents……..


Dannika Harris writes, Kids rule and parents, you can guess what the next word is.

Kids rule and parents, you can guess what the next word is. That was the case when Denver hosted the All About Kids Expo at the Colorado Convention Center. You could see the parents unleashing their inner child. I think some of them could have left that child at home. Ha, Ha, Ha. The first thing I saw going in was live concert by The Clique Girlz. WOW! I started to get very nervous because my karate demo team was performing after them. The pressure was on. The Clique Girlz were awesome and my demo team was too. After the performance, my family and I could check out the rest of the expo. My brother Tommy ran, I mean RAN to the vendor selling the wrestling masks. He had a imitation mask of Rey Mysterio, his favorite WWE Star. There went his allowance. My favorite vendor was the Quackers Gift Shop. They have any size, shape, and character of rubber ducks you could imagine. After my allowance was spent enjoying all the vendors, it was time to conquer the rock wall. I made it and almost beat my brother up. Next to the rock wall, I met a very interesting man named Matt Reed. Mr. Reed is a 2008 National Champion and 2008 Olympian at the Beijing Games in the Triathion. When he said he was in the Olympics, I thought it was playing basketball and not a runner, as he is 6’5″ tall. He laughed. I asked what inspired him, he said ” My parents”. I also asked him what is your favorite food and he said ” Kentucky Fried Chicken, but only once a year”. I got to meet a lot of nice people and businesses like The Denver Mint, local fire department, daycares, online schools, and Radio Disney. I would like to thank everyone involved for putting on the All About Kids Expo 2009. Also a big thank you to the Clique Girlz for staying over 2 hours and signing autographs.


  1. It sounds really cool!
    It sounds really cool!Could you give a little more information? I’m confused at what the event atcually is. Also, could you explain the Clique Girlz? I have never heard of them – but that may be just the fact that I’ve never really been into teen singing groups. 🙂

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