A sign of our times


Rachel Faulkner writes, How many of us have noticed the stock market falling drastically?

How many of us have noticed the stock market falling drastically? How many of our parents have been laid off at work? How many of us have had to give up something we love because there just isn’t enough cash? In case you’ve living under a rock for the past couple months,, we’re in the middle of an economic crisis that influences every person in this country in some way. Businesses are closing. Prices are rising. People are being forced out of their homes. And job fairs are becoming more crowded, even when it comes to teens.Last week was the Weld County Teen Job Fair. A couple friends and I piled into my mom’s car in the hopes of landing that perfect summer job. However, as we approached the Island Grove Exhibition Building, where the fair took place, our hopes fell miserably. The large building was already packed with people, and a line of maybe five hundred teens snaked around the large parking lot. Thousands of people attended. Last year’s fair held hundreds of less kids. Needless to say, I didn’t get a job – the applications I was old enough for had five positions available, and out of a couple thousand kids using a random application selection (a further interview would be required if drawn), I had little to no chance. However, it is a sad sign of our time that even the teens are getting out of bed in the middle of summer to start working on their own finances.