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Jordan Adolph writes, Chucky Klapow Interview: Questions And Answers By: Jordan M.

Chucky Klapow Interview: Questions And Answers By: Jordan M. Adolph Q1: Where did you begin dancing?A: LA, North Hollywood. Q2: What age did you start dancing?A: 10 years old Q3: What type of dance did you start doing? Why? (and what inspired you*)A:Tap because, Paula Abdul inspired him with her tap performance at the AMA*s ( American Music Awards) when he was 10. Q4: Do any of your family members have a history of dancing?A: He has distant relatives that are directors of the *Raw Cats*. Q5: Why do you think High School Musical has become so popular for kids & their families?A: He thinks it became so popular because of all the fun things going on, and the positive messages it portrays. Along with, the great spirit in the movie. Q6: Why do you as a choreographer chose to *take-on* High School Musical?A: Because, it was a chance to work with Kenny Ortega. Kenny was looking for someone who was young and *hip* that could work with basketballs. Q7: Through all the High School Musical movies, what was it like watching the cast grow-up on stage?A: It was so fun for him because, they built long-lasting relationships throughout this movie. And they would stay friends long after the movie was over. Q8: You choreographed all three High School Musical movies. What did you learn from this experience?A: He learned, the art of choreography, and that every move has a purpose and a place.. He also learned how to dance in front of the camera. Because, dancing in front of a camera is entirely different than dancing on stage. For example: The roller coaster move, they had to move just as the camera came over them. Q9: What was your favorite part about all three movies?A: After the rehearsals and filming, they would all go out to dinner or see a movie. And just the fun of being together on kind of their own time, hanging out together. Q10: What was your least favorite part of all three movies?A: Working out late into the night, because then the dancers start to lose focus and energy. Then working and filming becomes more difficult and very tiring. Q11: Do you have a special story or stories from this whole experience?A: During the day offs and what not, they all started long boarding. On day*s off they would long board around town together, sight *seeing. Also, pranks, they all started pranking each other during the course of the movie.FUN FACT: Zach*s prank was throwing water balloons at the cast. Q12: Who in your opinion is easier to work with: dancers, singers, or actors?A: He thinks dancers are easiest to work with since most of them have previous experience. As for singers, he thinks they are second easiest to work with cause they have *soul* and can get into the song. So it can sometimes be pretty easy for them to get into the choreography. And actors some don*t have experience in dancing, so it can be very difficult to get into the steps. Q13: Who do you think in the HSM Series is the strongest *triple-threat* when it came to choreography? A: Corbin and Vanessa tied because, they both had the previous dance experience and are all-around performers. They can do all different styles of dancing. Q14: Throughout all the HSM movies which actor or actress do you think has improved the most when it came to the dancing and choreography?A:Monique, because, she really struggled in the beginning, and it required extra time afterwards with the choreographers to get the steps *locked in* her head. Q15: In the movies you got to work and direct with Kenny Ortega. What was your favorite part of working with him? A: His spirit, because, Chucky thinks he and Kenny are like *little kids that never want to grow up*. He absolutely loved the energy and respect Kenny had for the cast and the crew. Kenny wouldn’t say *this is exactly how it*s supposed to be* he was very open-minded to others ideas. Q16: You also got to work with Bonnie Story. What is an important lesson you learned from her?A: He learned: How to listen, how to become, and how to deal with people. Bonnie also taught him how to relax. Throughout the movie, Bonnie was very calm and laid back. Which helped Chucky a lot, especially when he was nervous. Q17: When it came to choreographing *Sharpay*s* parts was it difficult for you to incorporate her *big ego* in the routine?A: If we put ourselves in Sharpay*s head, and think what would Sharpay do rather than, What would Ashley do it made it less difficult. Q18: On average how long did it take to practice for one routine before it was filmed?A: On average they would spend 1-2 hours each day over a period of 5 weeks. The day before they would schedule out or plan out what they were going to do for the following day. Q19: Did you develop a favorite routine and why?A: He liked the prom routine because, they put the main characters or main principle characters aside, and brought out to center what many people call the *extras*.. Chucky also told me the cool part about Kenny Ortega was he didn’t call what many people call the *extras* he called them *background.* He did this because there is really nothing extra about them they are a huge part of the movie not just an *Extra* part of the movie. Q20: What has been the best part of your dancing career so far?A: He mentioned 2 things: winning an Emmy, and meeting Michael Jackson& his daughters. He met them on the HSM Ice Tour. Michael*s daughters wanted to go see it, so he took them. And Chucky remembers looking up and seeing MJ and his daughters in the center of the bleachers. He said he had never danced so hard on ice in his life. Q21: As the final scene in the film was cut, and HSM 3 was done filming, what were you thinking? Were you kind of sad it was done?A: He remembered that everyone was crying, and the cut the last scene in the film around 6 A.M. just as the sun was coming up over the horizon. Q22: Is there a question that you would like to be asked, that no one has asked you?A: The questions he likes to be asked, are things people really want to know about him. Q23: What advice do you have for kids who want to pursue a lasting career in dancing?A: Take as many lessons as possible, train, learn as many dance styles you can possible learn. A quote I have from him, from this question is, *Never assume you*re the best, because you can always be better.* Q24: What was it like choreographing the chemistry and the love between Zach and Vanessa?A: Zach and Vanessa had been apart from each other for awhile filming separate movies. So when they got back to filming HSM 3, it was like kind of a *vacation* for them. It was easy for their chemistry to be there in the choreography again. After the day of filming was done, Zach and Vanessa would go back to their hotel and late that night sneak into one of the ballrooms and waltz. The best part of this interview for me, was getting to look at his class ring. Chucky showed me his East High Wildcat Class Ring. It was so cool thinking now he has something than can always be with him to remind him of this great experience. I want to thank Chucky, Stacy, Sara, Dana, and Jill for giving me this wonderful opportunity. This has been an experience for me that will last a life time, and that I will remember for forever. Thanks again!


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    Interesting! I think you didn’t nescessarily have to write the story in Question and Answer format, and it was a little long, but definately a great experience!

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