LoDo Lights


Rachel Faulkner writes, Imagine a cold night, say the 6th of March, 2009.

Imagine a cold night, say the 6th of March, 2009. You’re in Lower Downtown Denver, nicknamed LoDo. There’s a party in a warehouse, filled with three hundred residents and guests. Champagne glasses glitter (and so does the Coca-Cola for the under 21 crowd), as speaker after speaker file through a podium, giving brief speaches on the long process that brought all those people there. The crowd rustles impatiently, and then the speaker says the magic words: “So let’s head outside and look at the lights!” Last Friday, I was witness to the lighting of Manny’s Bridge in LoDo. Manny’s Bridge is a historic railroad bridge, more recently converted into a pedestrian bridge.Thededication of thelights displaywas a fascinating event for the members of LoDoNa, which is the abrieviated term for LoDO Neighborhood Association. It was filled with all sorts people, both young and old. The light display, which will be visable every night through June, 2009, was created by Virginia Folkestad, a brilliantly endowed and sophisticated artist. Inspired by the magnificent lighting displays of Italy, the lights have their own Colorado taste -as you will have to see when you visit! They are designed togive every person who crosses the bridge a different and wonderful feeling, to make you truly aware of the beautiful stream and city around you. It creates a feeling of great contentment and peace with the world. Every person feels a different emotional feeling as they cross the bridge, on which the lights are activated by human movement. The colors bathe Manny’s bridge with cool and warm light. Each color was carefully selected for the feeling it gives a person. I was deeply impressed by the bridge and the light display, ans will return many times before the art is removed. The lights gave me exactly the feeling that they were supposed to. It may sound bizzare, but for the first time, I really appreciated the beauty, grace, and superior quality of a bridge. Strange, I know. Manny’s bridge is open to the public everynight until June from sunset to dawn. It is truly a beautiful experience! The lights seemed small at the time


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