Jon Sceizca and the stinky cheese man


Vikasini Mahalingam writes, You may know him as the author of the stinky cheese man…

You may know him as the author of the stinky cheese man, or that wierd dude that made that one story with a bunch of twisted fairy tales, either way you are reffering to Jon Sciezka (hint: Sciezka rhymes with fresca). If you need a refresher, the stinky cheese man and other fairly stupid tales is basically a parody of some of the fairy tales we have grown up with and come to love. Like the frog prince, chicken little and jack and the beanstock. Jon Sciezka grew up with these childhood stories and was slowly introduced into the magical world of fairytales. His childhood was mainly focused on growing up in Flint, Michican with 5 brothers. During his younger years he was one of the better off of the six children, and had quite some “fond” memories of the time. If you want to know more about his childhood, read knuckleheads, which is a retteling of the most memorable moments of his childhood. Sciezka was particularly fond of Dr. Suess while growing up because of his whimsical rhymes and interesting stories. Soon enough, Sciezka’s childhood was over (well, sort of) and he began to teach grades 1-8 for 10 years. He soon realized, after reading countless books to his classes, that he had a gift for writing and that he wanted to make a book dealing with fairly tales. He then took an entire year off to try to write and publish his book. He also collaborated with Lane Smith, the illustrator for the book. That entire year was filled with rejection from everyone, they thought that the book was so completely insane that small kids could understand. They were finally proven wrong when one publisher decided to publish the book. Soon, the quirky stories were spread across the nation and the stinky cheese man was made in about 15 different languages. Of course, in the mean time, Sciezka was also being a great dad. He has two children and those 5 brothers, they’re still around. Now that Sciezka is sucsessful, you may ask about what he does in his down time? He believes that “technology won’t always fry your brain.” He still watches cartoons and even has a social life (believe it or not). He enjoys television shows such as “the office”, “arrested development”, “flight of the concords”, and “Reno 911” which i would agree are some very funny shows. He also says “funny is good”, or in other words, it wont fry your brain either. The stinky cheese man is one of those incredible mixes on old time classics, that soon become classics themselves. Jon Sciezka has also written many other books like knuckleheads, the time warp trio and the science verse. Check them out at your local library. Well, now that you know a little bit more about the book, do yourself a favor and read it!


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