Broadway’s most haunting love story


Rachel Faulkner writes, I love Broadway.

I love Broadway. Every time a Broadway musical comes to Denver, I have to go see it. I’ve seen many Broadways – some a little better than others – but there is one that stands out as the most stunning, the most memorable. It’s “The Phantom of the Opera”, and it’s currently playing at the Temple Buell Theatre in Denver. I first fell in love with the Phantom in London, five years ago. My family went to go see it inHer Majesty’s Theatre, which happens to be the theatre where “Phantom” first opened. So you will understand that I expected the Denver version, which I saw last night, would be good, but not as good as London. However, the moment that the first notes of the famous Overture began to play, I knew that this production would be as good, if not better. The plot is so beautiful, I can hardly describe it without wanting to burst out crying. For those of you who are unframilar to the plot, bear with me, and I will try to fill you in as best as I can. Christine Dae is a promising young ballet girl and singerin the Paris Opera House in the 1800s. When she is asked to fill in for the glass-shattering soprano, Carlotta, all of Paris falls in love with her singing voice, including her dashing childhood sweetheart Raoel, with whom she is joyfully reaquainted. But it would appear that the Paris Opera House is haunted by the vengeful and extremely musicallytalentedPhantom of the Opera, who is Christine’s unknown teacher. He also happens to love her. Throughought the play, the audience is awed by the outstanding talent, the frightful special effects, and the glorious music, created by famous composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. As the play draws to it’s heartwrenching and dramatic end, I felt tears trickling smoothly down my face. It is, withought a doubt, my favorite Broadway. “The Phantom of the Opera” will continue playing through March 22. Tickets start at $20.


  1. All my friends have seen the play.
    All my friends have seen the play. It sounds like you had a great time.

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