The Hated Test!


Caroline Till writes, At all schools across the state of Colorado, kids are gearing up for the biggest tests of the year.

At all schools across the state of Colorado, kids are gearing up for the biggest tests of the year. They are getting a good night sleep, eating a healthy breakfast, and sharpening their #2 pencils! Everyone is preparing for CSAP! The Colorado Student Assessment Program tests kids in grades three through ten to measure how well they are learning. Even though not everyone takes all of the tests, CSAP provides four quizzes: mathematics, reading, writing, and science. CSAP tests typically occur during the spring semester of a school year. At Campus Middle School, the word CSAP is dreaded! It is hated! It is terrible! It means taking three long, but fairly easy tests a day. It’s true. These tests really are not hard, but in order to do well, you MUST read the directions carefully and PAY ATTENTION to the problems! During the mathematics test, you must also watch for the icons that indicate when to use the punch out tools provided. They give you a ruler, protractor, and tangrams to use when instructed. It is also important to reread your essayand stay on topic for the writing portion of the test. In my opinion, CSAP usually has terrible prompts! In fourth grade, my prompt for the long essay was to write about whatI would do if I was a kangaroo for a day! Yeah! A Kangaroo! The way to do well on these essays is to really plan your writing and support it with tons of details. Even though I am typically a fast reader, i find it very difficult to finish the reading CSAPtests in an hour. The trick for those is to read the questions asked about thestory before you start reading. That way, you know what to identify in thewriting piece beforehandand won’t spend a lot of time flipping back through the story to find the answers. Even though the Colorado Student Assessment Program can be tricky, if you follow these tips and tricks, it won’t be that bad.If you have not already taken your CSAP tests yet, good luck! If you have, I hope you did a great job! Please post a comment and tell me what you think of CSAPs!


  1. I hope you saw my story about CSAPs…
    I hope you saw my story about CSAPs, which I posted last week. CSAPs are over for me – they were so tedious! Still, I recognize their importance. Oh, and a writing tip: don’t rate your own stories – especially if you give yourself a top score. It doesn’t show accurate responses from your peers, and it looks a little tacky. Great writing! Your story was very interesting and very witty. 🙂

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