The Legacy of “St. Paddy”


Rachel Faulkner writes, Were you pinched today for no logical reason?

Were you pinched today for no logical reason? Or did you wear green from head to toe? Why do we even do that, anyway? For those who don’t know about saints, March 17 is the feast day of Saint Patrick of Ireland. However, this celebration of Saint Patrick is no longer just a Catholic tradition. All over America, Protestants, Catholics, Athiests, and people of many other religions don green clothing and celebrate in traditional and more modern festivities – and pinch other people who don’t wear green! Last weekend, in Denver, the Saint Patrick’s day parade took place in Downtown Denver. The parade includedCeltic dancers and marching bands. Every year, a Denver “Queen Colleen” is elected to ride in the parade. This year’s winner was Kelly Kretschmar, who was also Queen Colleen last year. She attends the Metropolitan State College in Denver. In the parade, she was assisted by her “court”, a selection of other dashing debutaunts. Many people attended the parade, wearing bright green clothesand shamrocks. Afterwards, many people streamed to pubs and other resturaunts for some good old Irish celebratin’! So, with that, Happy Saint Paddy’s Day! And may the luck of the Irish be with ye!


  1. I loved this story.
    I loved this story. It’s nice to see someone write about Saint Patrick’s Day.

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