Brian Lightning Returns


Ryan Zamora writes, BRIAN LIGHTNING RETURNS By: Ryan ZamoraOne year after Brian Lightning…

BRIAN LIGHTNING RETURNS By: Ryan ZamoraOne year after Brian Lightning, the once famous football star, had retired so young because of the horrible knee injury, nobody wanted to watch football anymore. All of the excitement of the fans cheering on Sunday Night Football had been lost. Everybody’s only reason to watch football was to see Brian Lightning’s amazing skills. The people loved watching him run, catch, and most of all, return kickoffs for touchdowns! But now there was no amazing kid to watch, there was no reason to turn on the TV and watch NFL Network. Then one night, when all the kids were in bed, and as usual, the parents were watching the news, the preview of the news came on and the big voice of the narrator said the newscasters were going to talk about the return of a great football star. Well that right there started something; everyone was edgy from the beginning of the news commercial to the start of the news. So, the news skipped right to the sports, and as soon as the sportscaster said the name Brian, everybody jumped off the couch! When the sports caster finished everyone knew that Brian Lightning was coming back and he would sign with his former team, the Broncos. Every parent yelled for their boys and told them of the great news. The kids were ecstatic and it took every kid about an hour to get back to sleep, they were so excited. Brian Lightning’s return was historic!February 7 th 2009, Super Bowl XLIII Broncos vs. Cowboys Rivalry GameThe entire game was sold out [even the nosebleeds]. There wasn’t a seat that was empty. Children were stuck to their parent’s sides in hope of not getting lost. Little kids could only see two inches in front of them. The halls that go around the stadium were packed. It was relieving when people found their seats. Everyone without a ticket was turning their TV to the NFL network.”Wow, what do you think about this game, John?” said Chris Collinsworth. “With Brian Lightning back on the Broncos, anything could happen.””Well Chris, I think this game will be close, but I take the Broncos over the Cowboys any day.” said John Madden the other announcer.”Now let’s go down to the field to see Brian come out of that big balloon helmet.” said Chris. Then boom! The fireworks went off as Brian Lightning came out of the big helmet. He ran through the mist and flexed his arms. Brian ran through the line of players high fiving each and every one. And while he was doing all of this, the song “This is Why I’m Hot” came on.Finally after the coin toss, the Cowboys were getting ready to kick off. The kicker set the ball on the tee and the game was under way! Brian Lightning was back to return and here is the kick… Everything was quiet, so quiet you could here the ball flip all the way to the end zone, then, “toof,” Brian Lightning had the ball and two seconds later, “whoop!” Brian jukes someone out of their shoes [literally]. He starts to approach the wall of people clashing into each other and hurtles it and while he was in the air he did an aerial move! The 50, the 40, the 30, the 20, the 10, and Brian high steps his way into the end zone! And with the extra point it is Broncos 7 Cowboys 0.Two hours later Broncos 24 Cowboys 21 [4 th Quarter]Cowboys back to return. Here’s the kick… Marion Barber makes one juke and he has green grass ahead of him, he turns on his wheels and he’s at the 30, the 20, the 10, touchdown Cowboys.”Booo…..” yelled the crowd.”It doesn’t look like the crowd liked that, Chris,” said John Madden.”Nooo,” answered Chris Collinsworth sarcastically.”One minute left with the Cowboys up by four, the Broncos need a miracle,” said John. Brian Lightning back to return, and here’s the kick… caught by Brian at the two yard line, he gives it everything he’s got and sprints toward the other side of the field. Brian is at the Broncos 20, he spins and he’s at the barricade of players again. Brian loads up and leaps over the wall but he’s hit in mid-air, his body is lateral with the ground, he makes some kind of move and lands on his toes like a cat, on the opposite side of the barricade wall. Brian Lightning looks at the players, they look at him, and John Madden turns on the microphone and says, “Run Lightning, run!” Brian whips around and runs as fast as he can to the end zone, touchdown, Broncos with no time left on the clock.”The Broncos win the super bowl!” yelled John. Confetti burst out of the big cannons! The Vic Lambardi trophy is passed around. The MVP award goes to Brian Lightning!”So, what are you going to do now, Brian?” said an announcer.”I’m going to take my family on a big vacation,” answered Brian.And Brian came back for the Pro Bowl, and that too was sold out just to see the amazing Brian Lightning!


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