Toys that run on sun and fun


Linnea Butler writes, I got to review three toys that were introduced at the 2009 International Toy Fair…

I got to review three toys that were introduced at the 2009 International Toy Fair, a Wild Planet Multi-Tool and safe, plus OWI’s Peppy Orangutan.Wild Planet’s Multi-Tool X-6 is a toy that can be six different things: a compass, a magnifying glass, a whistle, tweezers, signal lights, and a disc launcher. I especially liked to clip the tool to my hip in my belt loop.When I saw the toy arrive, it looked complicated. But with the help of an adult, it can be easily put together. The toy came with batteries, which made it so much better to play with right away.The Digital Alarm Safe has a combination or access code so only the person who owns the safe can go into the safe.I asked my little sister Emma, who is 7, what she thought of the toy. She said, “I like the secret access code for the safe, so I can keep the toy in there with my money and my tooth I just lost last night. I also like the alarm on the safe to keep my sisters from getting into the safe!”I would say that these toys are fun for kids of all ages. Being a girl I would like to see the safe come in different colors, maybe something to match my room, which is blue and green.For now Emma is going to keep the safe in her room. She thinks it protects her tooth and that only she and tooth fairy can get in!PeppyOWI creates many solar-powered toys like Happy Hopping Frog, Attacking Inchworm, and the one I played with – Peppy Orangutan. You attach the string to two different trees so Peppy can climb hand over hand. I needed an adult’s help to put the kit together. If you like building things, it would be a good toy for you. We tried it using a strong light inside and outdoors, and it works better in the sun than indoor lighting. These toys would be an interesting introduction to solar power. It’s pretty cool that it is powered by the sun.