Who cares more about their hair? Boys or Girls?


Linnea Butler writes, His Side: Girls care way more about their hair than guys do, no competition.

His Side: Girls care way more about their hair than guys do, no competition. When I wake up, I just run a comb through my hair and then off I go. When my sister does her hair, first she needs to wet it and blow it dry. Then she needs to straighten it, which takes up to an hour. Lastly, she sprays some hair spray into it and is finally done. I think that’s way too much work for a decent hair-do.Her Side: My mom still has to run around the house chasing my 7-year-old sister to brush and style her hair. Even when my mom puts a bow or a clip in her hair, I see it on the floor about 10 minutes later. I think I started wanting my hair to look good in about fourth grade. Now I will admit, I am pretty obsessed with straightening my hair every morning before school and making sure it doesn’t look too curly or frizzy. It is more work than I expected because my hair is long and thick. I start to notice other girls’ hair too in my grade. But the funny thing to me these days is the boys seem even more particular about their hair than we girls.Kids Say…I am so obsessed with getting my hair perfect in the morning that I always make my family late to school while they wait for me.Lynn, 13I care more about how my hair looks than what clothes I am wearing.Madison, 12If I can’t spend at least one hour getting my hair ready, I just pull it into a pony tail.Julie, 13I think guys care way too much about their hair. I know more than one guy who cuts his hair twice a month!Lisa, 14All the girls I know take FOREVER to get ready in the morning. My sister gets in the worst mood if her hair doesn’t do just right. I wash mine, comb it – that’s it. Daniel, 13


  1. I loved the way you made …
    I loved the way you made it a his side her side thing. My hair takes me forever to finish, but you are right; boys definitely don’t need as much time if not as much styling as girls do.

  2. I remember seeing this ar…
    I remember seeing this article in the Colorado Kids paper. Congrats!

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