“Iron Thunder” Crashes Down Upon Readers


Chase Hoven writes, Avi’s latest book, “Iron Thunder” turned out to be one of the best books I have read by him.

Avi’s latest book, “Iron Thunder” turned out to be one of the best books I have read by him. He takes this story to a whole new level, while always incorporating history of the Civil War and life at the time of this event in his books that reminds you that he wrote this book, and nobody can match that. I was always eager to turn the page to find out what would happen next, and I hope you feel the same. The book is set in 1862, during the heart of the Civil War and Tom Carroll, a thirteen year old boy, must take a job at the bustling ironworks in Brooklyn, New York to support his mother and sister. The pay is good, and he loves being around all the other people, but trouble is looming in the distance. The Confederates have built a submarine, named the Merrimac, and it will be attacking the Union very soon. Suddenly, Tom is thrown into danger and uncertainty as he must make a decision that will effect his family greatly: Stay with his mother and sister and get no money, or leave them and ride aboard the Monitor, the Union’s submarine to fight against the Merrimac. Tom knows his family needs the money, so he considers it an easy choice. But when some dangerous Confederate spies put Tom’s life in danger, he has to rethink his decision. Should he betray the Union for more money than he has ever dreamed of, our remain loyal to his family and country and accept his small pay? Overall, it is a great book that will linger in your mind for many years to come. Avi’s writing technique is almost addictive in a way; once you start reading, you can’t stop for a second. This book kept me turning the pages till one in the morning, and I was almost sad when I saw the last page stand before me. But if you want a novel that will keep you turning the pages, look no further than Iron Thunder.


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