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Melissa Riley writes, Sports have been part of people’s lives for more that 100 years.

Sports have been part of people’s lives for more that 100 years. They also play a big part in my life and my family’s lives. Sports are a good way to meet new people, teach discipline, have fun, and get exercise. In the next few paragraphs you will be introduced to the sports I participate in, and maybe you’d like to give one a try!I recently started gymnastics, my friend is really good and went to state for gymnastics, when I saw what she could do it looked like fun, even though I knew I wouldn’t be as good as her but I gave it a try anyway. My favorites events are, well it actually depends on the day what is my favorite, they’re all the same. I love the feeling of flinging myself through the air and landing, sometimes on my feet and sometimes on my back. In gymnastics there are different events for both boys and girls. Traditionally for girls there are 4 events; balance beam, uneven parallel bars, vault, and floor. Traditionally for boys there are 6 events; floor, vault, parallel bars, horizontal bar, rings, and pommel horse.I also love to play soccer. I have been playing since I was in kindergarten so about 8 years. My dad started out as my coach and now he’s the assistant coach of my team. My favorite position is right striker, but sometimes I’ll play center striker. I really like my team this year, because were not just a “team” we all go out to eat on Tuesdays and most of us see eachother on off seasons as well, 3 girls including me all go to the same school and of course we are all friends which is really great. I am in U12 and each team has 11 players on the field at once. There’s one goalie, 4 defenders, 3 mid-fields, and 3 strikers/attackers/forwards. I’m also am a big runner. Which is one of the reasons I like soccer so much. I usually race in street or trail races I’m not like any team, but in the fall I do track and spring I do cross-country. In cross country, out short days are 2.5 miles, but sometimes what I like to do out the 5-6 miles. I am more of a distance runner than sprinter. My mile time is 6:51 and 5k is 24:48, but that’s nothing. My 16 year-old brother’s mile is 5:09 and 5k is 17:28. When I grow up I will be a marathon runner. In the spring I am running the Bolder Boulder, that’s a 10k. In the summer I’m on a swim team. Yeah, sometimes it’s tough to wake up at 6:00 a.m. on a summer day and know that you have to go jump into a freezing pool at 6:30, but once you start swimming it’s really not that bad. One of my good friends does it too,so that always helps to get me up. There are lots of different events. I like the 100 free, 50 free, and 100 back, and I am usually on a relay free style. Swim meets usually last all day, I wake up between 5:30 and 6:00 a.m depending where the meet is, we get there about 6:45, our team gets time in the pool to warm-up and all the events start, once the events are all over then the relays start and we usually get home at around 3:30 or 4:00 p.m. I started swimming on an actual team a year ago because I wasn’t that great of a swimmer and wanted to get better because I wanted to keep doing triathlons. Which brings to my next sport.Every summer I dotriathlons. In my life I’ve done a total of 4 and hoping to do at least 2 this summer. A triathlon is where you do 3 sports swimming, biking, and then you run.I have done triathlons in my neighborhood pool and I’ve gone up to Salida, CO to compete in triathlons too. I like doing triathlons because they are really fun and it’s like 3 sports in one. I always remind myself at the beginning of something I’m really nervous about, that it will be like a triathlon because you’re really nervous with adrenaline before, but once you get into the pool it all goes away and you calm down and do great. They are also another way to be part of competition, even though it’s mostly kids you don’t know your competing against, but it’s fun to see how you come out.During the summer I golf. I am in a program where my friends and I can go to golf course and take a lesson with driving, chipping, and putting, and then for the rest of the weeks the program lets us go out to the par 3 with a group of four and play.They do really fun things, like a day where you only use your putter, or a day where you only get 10 shots and then you pick up your ball. If you think this sounds like fun maybe look into a club or program like this at a nearby golf course and if they don’t have one, start your own. Grab a few friends and make up some fun rules, just make sure there allowed because there will be other people out on the course and after the game you can go out to lunch at the snack bar or restruant.I also dance year round at a studio about 5 min away from my house. I participate in jazz, tap,and ballet. I like jazz the best because you really get moving and it’s fun music. I have made really good friends in my dance classes. It’s fun because it doesn’t get canceled, because it’s indoors. You can also do hip-hop, lyrical and more. One other sport I like to do is skiing. We have season passes to Winter Park. I really like bump runs, or moguls. I like them because if you get a good rhythm in your head and know where to turn, it’s easy and super fun, it sometimes seems like you are flying. Tree runs are also a favorite. My mom doesn’t like them because they are to narrow and almost straight down, but I have different opinions.As you can see sports are a big part of my life and can’t go a week without them. I hope today I introduced a new sport to you or you learned more about your favorite sport. Now you know what to do this summer and even one for next winter. For more sports you can visit, it’s just a list of sports, but then you can find out more on the internet. You can also go to your local recreation center.


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