Shakespearian Love Letter (It’s Kinda Cheesy)


Orion Pilger writes, Dear Beloved…

Dear Beloved, When I first set eyes upon you, my heart fluttered like a butterfly and my soul was transported to your heaven, where my heaven waits for you. Your polished-golden hair is as rare as a clear diamond! Your face is a s beautiful as a field of roses! I would gladly die for you. I would give everything I own to be with you. If a pen and paper go together, then you and I were meant to be. My Love burns for you like a thousand suns. When I see you, you glow and nothing in the world stops me from passing by you and smelling your sweet perfume. Your smile is so bright that I lose my focus on anything when you smile! Your eyes glow like stars when they look into mine! Oh, how I’d love for you to sit next to me and say that you love me! I love you! I could listen to you for hours and hours and never be bored. Your strength surpasses the strength of a bear. The way you hold yourself reminds me of the most confident thing in the world. Your beauty surpasses that of a sparkling water fall. You calm me down because when I look at you, it is like looking at smooth ripples off of a lake. I treasure you in my treasure box of joy, beauty, and value. You are so much like the goddess Aphrodite. You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Love your future husband, Romeo Montague


  1. Aww how sweet!
    Aww how sweet! Oh, by the way, Romeo’s last name is spelled wrong. It’s actually spelled Montague. But that’s so cute!

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