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Rachel Faulkner writes, I hate to admit it, but I am a pretty technology-deprived person.

I hate to admit it, but I am a pretty technology-deprived person. Ok, maybe that’s not true. But anyway, yesterday I got my first iPod. It’s a Shuffle, a little silver thing about an inch long that is currently taking a very long time to charge. And I had absolutely no idea what to do with it until I did a little research.iPods, from the company Apple,have been capturing American ears for years. They’re the latest tech trend. In addition to my version, the Shuffle (Generation 2), there are at least a dozen different types of iPods, ranging from magic touch screens to the latest, a Shuffle that is the first music player to “talk to you”. They are available in a rainbow of colors, and on the Apple website, you can spend hours downloading new songs. What is it about iPods that make them so fascinating? I mean, it’s just music. But, like I said, they’re the latest trend. And I suppose they’re pretty convienient. What do you think? Post a comment – full of your iPod opinon.


  1. I love iPods!
    I love iPods!!! I want one really badly, but my birthday isn’t until early October and Christmas holidays are pretty far away. I want a nano- because a screen is mostly what I like. That’s because I think it’s nice to know what song is playing before you start listening to it. I’m already thinking about buying my own. Now my question is, how will I get the money?Good review, I agree with all you points.

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