Ew, who likes junk food?


Rachel Faulkner writes, It’s a bird.

It’s a bird…no, it’s a plane…no it’s…broccoli? Many kids groan and plug their nose when forced to eat their fruits ‘n’ veggies. They know it’s good for them, but it just doesn’t taste good. Sound like you? Then tell your parents about the cookbook “Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food” by Jessica Seinfeld. It’s a collection of recipes, all creatively named, that are packed with incredible “superfoods”, while still incorporating mindblowing taste. Jessica Seinfeld, the author, is a mother through and through. When she had her children, she became concerned about their eating habits. So, she decided to come up with her own secretly vegetable-infused recipies. Once they proved a huge hit with her family, she published them all in a cookbook in 2007, which grew rapidly popular. Since then, she has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Today Show, and has been praised by various famous celebreties who, like the rest of the world, struggle with getting their children to eat well. The recipies are creative and oh-so-nutritional – and plus, they taste like, well, junk food that children will eat. You would never guess that the “chicken nuggets” are actually made out of tofu, the macaroni would have cauliflower in it,or that the recipie for brownies includes spinich. Also, most recipies have tidbits of advice from nutritionist Joy Bauer and comments from Jessica Seinfeld’s family. If you really want to keep yourself healthy, but just can’t get past the taste, then this book belongs on your kitchen shelf. Trust me, your parents will be thrilled with the new, much healthier,you!