Night of the Living Lawn Ornaments


Taylor Kelly writes, Night of the Living Lawn Ornaments – I know what you’re thinking, “What a weird book!

Night of the Living Lawn Ornaments – I know what you’re thinking, “What a weird book!” But to my surprise it was a pretty good book. As the old saying goes, you can’t judge a book by its cover!Night of the Living Lawn Ornaments by Emily Ecton is a book about ninth grader Arlie and her best friend Ty who find a mysterious black dragonfly pendant. When this pendant accidentally touches a non-living object, it comes to life-not like bringing back people from the dead, but by bringing a plastic lawn ornament and other statues to life. Soon it gets out of hand when Fred, an orange stuffed kangaroo brings more and more things to life. Arlie and Ty have to find a way to turn these things back before it’s too late. Can they stop the evil lawn ornaments?This book was not my favorite book, but it wasn’t the worst either. It’s a good book for people who like fantasy. I like fantasy, but it’s not my favorite genre. I think the book would be better if something other than lawn ornaments came to life. The penguin and Fred were some of my favorite victims of the dragonfly pendant; they were always making me laugh.I would recommend this book to fantasy lovers. The book’s font was big, but there were some bad words, so this book is geared towards an older audience. Even though I thinking it should be for older kids, it has an immature theme, as shown in the subtitle “You don’t want to make a pink plastic flamingo mad!”