Eat more and lose more?!


Maddy Butler writes, Did you know that you can actually lose weight or maintain a slim figure by eating more? More often that is.

Did you know that you can actually lose weight or maintain a slim figure by eating more? More often that is.Colorado is still the trimmest of all the states, but still at least 15 percent of Coloradan adults are obese . Ironically diets are splashed all over the TV, Internet and fashion magazines. If you’re overweight, don’t be tempted to starve yourself!In actuality, fad diets can destroy a person’s metabolism while making them gain weight faster by starvation once they eat again. When a person starts eating again (no matter how small the amount) this person will regain the weight lost by depriving the body of food because starvation diets ruin our metabolism. Metabolism is how we maintain our body weight. The more we move; the more our bodies burn off calories. However, if we stop eating, our body will also shut down and the body will stop burning calories.What these fad diets don’t tell people is this:The more often you eat, the quicker you will burn calories; the less often you eat, your body’s metabolism will slow down. A person can boost their metabolism by eating small meals all throughout the day and making the right choices when it comes to what you will be consuming. For example, if I want to eat a bag of potato chips, that’s about 200 calories. I can consume that in less than two minutes. Then my body is only working for two minutes burning the calories. But if I want to eat an apple (55 calories) and then 20 minutes later eat some pretzels (55 calories) and then a half hour later eat a granola bar (100 calories)…I just ate the same amount of calories but in about 45 minutes versus two minutes, thus, making my body work for a lot longer time burning more calories. So enjoy and eat more often in smaller amounts and make healthier food choices. You can do it!


  1. Great story and fantastic advice…
    Great story and fantastic advice, but I don’t really think you should be encouraging kids in middle school to lose weight. That should be saved until we’re older.

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