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Holly Anderson writes, My Brother Abe: By; Harry Mazer”Maybe Pa ain’t coming back.

My Brother Abe: By; Harry Mazer”Maybe Pa ain’t coming back.” said the one and the only Abe Lincoln replies to his sister who has hope and he has yet very little. On this huge adventure Abe is learning to do so much and he learns very quickly. As a young boy he learns to read and write better than his older sister. A very sad yet so touching event made Abe even more prone to life. This book goes through so much but it tells what we have not heard about the sixteenth president’s childhood and ups and downs of his huge adventure. Read the book and become in-captured in the details that Harry adds to make this a story that will make you learn about our famous past president. If you are interested in him, his life or just plain history than i advise you to take this book into you hands and at least just read the back you will love it. if you are interested this book: has 201 pages including an afterward… and the publisher is Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers . Enjoy this amazing biography!!


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