Swine Flu – be ready


Rachel Faulkner writes, The world is currently bracing for attack – not from another country…

The world is currently bracing for attack – not from another country, but from a disease that has been making headlines for a week. Of course, we’re talking about the Swine Flu. The Swine Flu recently showed up in Mexico, where it has killed dozens of people, and is currently spreading through America. So far, it has touched several states, including Kansas, New York, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Massachusettesand California.About 100 cases are so far confirmed in America.It has killed one American, a toddler, so far. Luckily, none have been confirmed in Colorado as yet. This sounds grim, but President Obama is quick to tell people not to panic. The media may be making this a greater story than it needs to be. Remember, thousands die every year from the common flu. However, you can never be too careful. Take preventative measures. Wash your hands often, sneeze into your shoulder, don’t touch your eyes, and if you can, avoid trips to Mexico. Symptoms of the flu include vomiting, headaches, fevers, and coughs. If you think you may be sick, stay away from other people and talk to a doctor. But don’t panic. This is not cause to freak out. And we’ll make it through this pandemic.


  1. Yeah I think I’ve heard o…
    Yeah I think I’ve heard of that before! I read it on msn.com.

  2. I agree with you.
    I agree with you. It was very informative. It’s amazing how some people are underestimating such a threatening topic. I agree with everything you said.

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