Two Friends On A Sunday Afternoon


Cori Aafedt writes, We sat together in the green stuff below.

We sat together in the green stuff below. Both big and small stems stuck out of the ground with even small branches on them. They swayed back and forth as if noodles with little support.We both stared at the odd things and they seemed to stare back at us. The air around us moved in all directions. It smelled like fresh, clean, plain, nothing. So fresh, clean, and plain you could not smell anything. We both listened t the air whispering and singing to us. “La, la, la, come to a far away land….”. We weren’t alone either.”Chirp, chirp, cheep, cheep..” all in order and seemed rehearsed. We listened and our mouths got wider and wider each time we heard the little rounded bodies sing.”Drip, drop, drip..” continued a sound on our bodies. We felt a cold chill from the whispering and singing air, but we stayed quiet and still and the sound stopped. I slowly lifted my arm and stoked her short and soft fur. So short it felt like little tiny bumps on skin, and so soft it felt like a pillow under your head as you lay down for a nap. slowly extending our arms and legs we got up. We stretched for a minute or two. she walked off with the lush green stuff below her paws.”Clink, clink, clink.” I could hear her collar as she took each step. I walked towards the house and all we left behind were two dents, side by side in the forever lush green stuff below our feet.My dog and I!!! Cutie and Cori!


  1. Hey!
    Hey! Welcome to NextGen! I’m graduating this summer, but you should check out some of my stories! I’ve published 75 currently. I love your story – that’s really creative and FANTASTIC writing!

  2. It’s a nice attempt at we…
    It’s a nice attempt at well written writing, but unfortanately you packed too much description in it making it seem like you were trying to hard to make it good.

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